Q. Is FlatPak ConneXion a registered licensed builder and insured?

Yes, we hold a QBCC approved Builders License – Low Rise and we are insured. Our registered licence number is 15054750.

Q. How much does it cost to install my kitchen?

FlatPak ConneXion offers a fixed up front price for your installation. This will depend on the number of cabinets in your kitchen, accessories etc. The pricing will be determined directly from the set of detailed kitchen drawings/plans that you provide to us. We will provide you with a detailed quotation specifying each of the activities our qualified trades people will undertake.

Q. How much room do you need to assemble the cabinets?

As much as possible. Larger items like wall towers need a considerable amount of floor space to construct. If the installer has to spend time moving furniture so that they may work this ultimately affects the cost to you.

Q. Will you take away the packaging?

We do not take away the packaging unless specifically asked to. If you would like us to do so please advise us up front so we can factor this into the quotation.

Q. Will you clean up after yourselves?

Our trades teams work in a very clean and tidy fashion. We will certainly clean up after ourselves.

Q. I’ve had bad experiences with trades. Why should I use FlatPak Connexion?

We spend a great deal of effort finding the correct people to work for our company. We are a professionally run business and we are focussed on providing an outstanding experience for all of our customers.

Q. Shall we get open take the stuff out the box before you get here?

No. We work in a methodical way. When we are opening a box we are checking for damage and missing parts at the same time. By opening the box you may actually make the job take longer.

Q. Can I pay by card?

Yes. You can pay via our secure payment portal on our website. We also have mobile EFTPOS facilities available.

Q. The salesman at the store recommended you. Do you pay them commission?

No. We are proud to say that the reason they have recommended us is because we provide a great service.

Q. How do I know if my kitchen plan is OK?

If your kitchen was planned and designed by an in-home kitchen planner, generally this should be ok. If it has been designed by an in-store designer, they can only design a kitchen from the measurements provided by yourself. If you trust your measurements are correct, then you should be ok.
For peace of mind our Kitchen Expert will come to your home and conduct an Expert Design Review. He or she will remeasure the area that you intend to install the kitchen, (referred to as a Check Measure) and compare the measurements to your drawings provided to ensure it will fit the way you want it to. This is a very valuable service that we can provide because it could save you time and significant cost if your measurements are out.
Should there be any design or compliance issues found, our Kitchen Expert will make suggestions as to how you could change your plan to address these issues.

Q. How long does a kitchen or bathroom installation take?

Preparing the room needs to be considered first and may include ripping out features of the previous room, rubbish removal, any plastering and preparation of the floor.

Actual installation of cabinets only takes a couple of days and your selection of materials for benchtops and splashbacks will determine how long the kitchen installation takes. Stone benchtops require a template to be created by the stonemason. This can only be done once the cabinets are installed, then allow from 2-4 weeks for the stone benchtop to be supplied. If you choose glass splashbacks, these will be measured once your benchtops are in place, then allow 2-3 weeks for installation.

To summarise, a kitchen will generally take 1 to 5 days to install depending on how many cabinets there are.
Below is an example of a standard kitchen installation of 12 cabinets.

Day 1-2
Remove the old kitchen, plumber and electrician arrive and get their wiring and plumbing into position for the new kitchen.

Day 2-3
Cabinets are constructed and put into place along with all the other components.

Day 3-4
The cabinet installation is finished along with all the cut outs ready for the plumber and electrician to hook up.

Day 5
The plumber and electrician hook up your appliances and you’re ready to cook an evening roast

Q. Will you remove my old kitchen?

Yes we can:
Demolish your existing kitchen & remove it to a designated location or skip supplied by you on the premise or we can arrange disposal of the old kitchen for a pre-agreed fee.

Remove existing wall tiles from walls (Note: Repairs or make good any damage to the wall as a result of removing tiles may need to be conducted) Unfortunately we cannot allow for such damage from the tile removal in the quote due to different glue’s or compounds used but on a positive note, we can fix it.

Q. Can you supply other tradesmen?

Yes of course. We can supply our plumbers and electricians and project manage the entire kitchen renovation.

We are licenced with the Queensland Government to coordinate and project manage other trades in residential homes. This is important to you as the customer that you’re dealing with a company that knows what they’re doing and is legally allowed to do it.

A word of advice is to check with QCBB if the installer or company you may use is allowed to project manage and use and recommend other trades. Some of our competitors are not licenced to do this.

Our preferred licenced plumbers and electricians are experienced in working with us in the kitchen bathroom & laundry industry. However, if you wish to use your own licensed Tradesmen, then it is essential that you co-ordinate them to disconnect services, rough in and reconnect your services to match the timetable of the installation that we have agreed with you. Delays in installation may incur additional costs.

Q. What is the difference between an undermount sink and a flushmount sink?

Both undermount and flushmount sinks can only be installed with stone type benchtops, i.e. granite, solid surface, stone. An Undermount sink sits under the surface of the benchtop whereas a flushmount sink is routed into the face of the stone and sits flat, or flush with the benchtop. Flushmount cooktops are also becoming a popular choice.

Q. What is the difference between an induction cooktop and a gas cooktop?

Traditional gas cooktops use a naked flame to heat your pan, whereas induction cooktops use a magnetic field to activate the iron molecules in the base of your cookware to create heat. Induction cooktops are very efficient; a 3 litre pot of water traditionally takes 9-10 minutes to boil, but with an induction cooker, it takes 2-3 minutes. Other advantages of induction cooktops include safety, as no naked flame is present and ease of cleaning.